Executive Branch

Leya Nicolait came to the realization that major food, beauty and pharma industries do not always have the consumers best interests in mind when making their products and services.  Through her work-life experience and education, she found her self called to share the knowledge she had acquired from her involvement and interaction with these industries.  She believes that by building a community founded on authenticity and honesty, we can cut through the premeditated confusion and misleading marketing to help individuals make educated decisions about personal health, wellness and well-being .  She is the founder of Our Green Nation, serves on the Green Spa Network Personal Care Committee, is a Licensed Aesthetician, a Certified Health Coach, a Label Literacy Educator and Chef.

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Jenda Johnson began organic farming (chickens, goats, bees, vegetables) in the foothills of Santa Barbara in 1971. The birth of her daughter in 1975, increased her commitment to organic choices. Subsequent BS and MS degrees in the Earth sciences taught her to approach all things with open curiosity mixed with healthy skepticism. She combines a long-lived interest in organic products with creating venue to cut through advertising and popular trends to make sense of the science.  She is a founding member of Our Green Nation.


Executive Advisors

Mark Eckhardt, CEO of COMMON, is executive advisor to Our Green Nation.  Loves tractors, secretly idolizes farmers, former pro drummer, composer, Zen Priest and also loves chocolate chip cookies.   He does shit that matters and helps Our Green Nation be fearless.

COMMON accelerates the launch and growth of businesses
that take care of the planet and all the creatures on it.

Juli Rathke is the founder of YOGA+Life Magazine, a multi-passionate entrepreneur, human condition expert, and an unshakable optimist. She has helped thousands of people to greater influence in their own lives by achieving success in life, business, health and happiness. She serves as a high performance executive consultant, company culture expert, personal mentor, speaker, motivator and educator.

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Technology Partner

Lift UX is a product design and user experience agency. With capabilities ranging from branding to website designs to creating web/mobile apps, they help product creators execute on vision, breathing digital life into businesses large and small.

With a small team of top-tier product designers and web developers, Lift UX is the official design and technology partner for Our Green Nation.

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